Assistance to Victims of Fire

The U.S. Firefighters Association® supports those suffering the hardship of fire loss and recovery. Over 1,000,000 fires are reported annually, resulting in over 15,000 injuries and over $10 billion in property damage. The tragedy of fire is devastating; it is our mission to assist those victims in as many ways as possible in their recovery process, while maintaining their dignity with items such as food, nutritional products, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, toiletries, hygiene supplies, blankets, bedding, furniture, building materials, and any other item that is deemed reasonable. It is our main objective to get victims back to living a life without the pain of fire damage.

The United States Firefighters Association® has two new program services:

(1) USFA Trust Fund has been established to assist the families of firefighters that have died while in the line of duty.

(2) Project Assistance, helps underfunded rural fire departments by furnishing them with requested supplies.

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