About the U.S. Firefighters Association®

U.S. Firefighters Association® ("Organization'') is a non-profit contribution project of Community Charity Advancement, Inc. established to assist those persons who have suffered damage to or loss of personal property and injury due to fire, smoke damage, soot damage, water damage or any other type of damage received as a result of a fire and/or rescue efforts. The Organization will assist any and all personnel related to fighting fire, fire rescue, emergency medical services and any other personnel or services that may contribute to the recovery process. It is also the intention of the Organization to educate the public concerning fire hazards in the home and work place and fire safety for families, schools or any other institution. The Organization intends to provide food, nutritional products, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, toiletries, hygiene supplies, blankets, bedding, furniture, building materials and any other item that is deemed reasonable. The tragedy of fire is devastating; it is our mission to assist those victims in as many ways as possible in their recovery process while maintaining their dignity.

Advisory Board

Each of the Board members have special reasons for so generously donating their time. Other than their philanthropic commitment, all Board Members have organizational skills and are extremely successful in their individual careers. In other words, these humanitarians are experts at finding and supplying aid to those they believe deserve it. Obviously, they consider the public who has suffered fire damage as one of the most deserving of their efforts.

David DiPierro, Driver Engineer Boca Raton Fire Rescue

  • 2002 Graduated Coral Springs Fire Academy
  • 2002 Became Certified as an EMT-B
  • 2003 Hired by Oakland Park Fire Rescue as a Firefighter/ EMT
  • 2005 Became Certified as a Paramedic
  • 2005 Hired by Boca Raton Fire Rescue as a Firefighter/ Paramedic
  • 2005 Became Certified as Hazardous Materials Technician
  • 2009 Became Certified as a Fire Instructor III
  • 2010 Became Certified as a Fire Service Apparatus and Pump Operator
  • 2010 Promoted to Driver Engineer
  • 2011 Assigned to Boca Raton’s Special Operations Station

Jim Thornton

  • 1989 Associate of Arts from Broward College (then known as BCC)
  • 1989 Started the Police Academy / Criminal Justice Institute
  • 1990 Graduated the 141st Police Academy
  • 1991 Began the Fire Academy
  • 1991 Graduated from South Tech Fire Academy in Boynton Beach, FL
  • 1991 Began "double duty" as both a Police Officer and Firefighter; continued training with Lighthouse Point Fire Rescue on a monthly basis
  • 1997 Assigned to the Community Police Unit and started working as a Marine Patrol Officer
  • 1997 Officer of the Year (LHPPD) and nominated for the Community Officer of the Year Award
  • 1999 - 2004 Became a Detective and assigned to a Federal Narcotics Task Force (DEA)
  • 2004 Received the (OLEO) Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award from the United States Attorney's Office /Southern District of Florida
  • 2007 Given the rank of Corporal and acted as a Supervisor on an as need basis

Harry Small

  • 1978 Joined Pompano Beach Fire Department as Firefighter
  • 1978 Graduated from Paramedic Training, State Certification as Paramedic
  • 1982 EMS Officer (lieutenant) PBFD
  • 1983 National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, Maryland
  • 1986 A.S. Degree in Fire Science, Broward Community College
  • 1988 B.S. Degree in Management, Barry University
  • 1988 Firefighter of the Year, Pompano Beach Fire Rescue
  • 1992 EMS Division Chief, PBFR
  • 1994 Masters in Business Admin Degree, Florida Atlantic University
  • 1995 Assistant Chief, PBFR
  • 1998 Adjunct Instructor, FEMA, Emergency Mgt. Institute, National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, Maryland
  • 2001 Fire Chief, PBFR

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